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港大醫學院發現青少年若只接種一劑復必泰,患心肌炎的風險顯著降低;鼓勵青少年應盡快接種第一劑 2019冠狀病毒病疫苗


Associated Publications:
Carditis After COVID-19 Vaccination With a Messenger RNA Vaccine and an Inactivated Virus Vaccine

Epidemiology of Acute Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Hong Kong Adolescents Following Comirnaty Vaccination

港⼤醫學院研究指出不同⾼⾵險群組接種新冠病毒疫苗均屬安全;⿎勵盡早 接種疫苗以預防嚴重併發症


Associated Publications:

Multimorbidity and adverse events of special interest associated with Covid-19 vaccines in Hong Kong

Two-dose COVID-19 vaccination and possible arthritis flare among patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Hong Kong

Lack of inflammatory bowel disease flare-up following two-dose BNT162b2 vaccine: a population-based cohort study

Post-Covid-19-vaccination adverse events and healthcare utilization among individuals with or without previous SARS-CoV-2 infection

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